HK45 with extra barrel and sights

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    Jan 18, 2018
    B30DCC19-E54D-46D4-A5CE-4CD92242C44E.jpeg 338FE516-E091-45A2-8173-7D83B8EE14CD.jpeg 190C4191-1C44-4D36-802D-7F115539C133.jpeg 856199FF-486F-4C1E-BF3E-1FEEC1EBB622.jpeg 94CB129D-9268-4ED4-8759-A99DDFD91E34.jpeg View attachment 261123 914BAEE4-C2E3-42A1-8300-2A5FFEAC5E7E.jpeg FCB9C992-7DF4-4793-8B87-C6FD95D23358.jpeg I have a Made in Germany HK45 all original with box, 3 mags, and paperwork.

    I am including a HK45 threaded barrel, thread protector,
    HK45 night sights, and HK45 IWB holster molded with threaded barrel.

    I have shot this pistol with a SilencerCo Octane 45 HD for about 200 rounds but clean it after every session.

    I will probably kick myself for selling this but I really want to build my dream 1911.

    Asking $950 shipped obo. Friendly paypal accepted or other. Will provide you my driver’s license, 2 forms of contact, and a reference contact since I dont have big feedback here.
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    May 23, 2014
    HK45's are superb! I have is made in Germany...neither has the threaded barrel, but I sold a NIB Tactical HK45 LE Version that was threaded.

    GLWS and getting your 1911!
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