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I picked up a sweet SACS Colt rail gun and need to move some things.

Excellent condition HK45 with bright night sights, box manual and 3-10 round mags. The original owner told me he had the grey guns trigger reset kit installed, I have no idea how to confirm this but I can tell you the trigger is very nice and the reset is amazing. The trigger reset is as good or better than the HK45C I just sold that had the Bill Springfield trigger job done.

I don’t know the round count as I’m not the original owner but I’ve put maybe 100 flawless rounds through it.

No sales to California or any other State where this gun or the mags may not be legal. It is your responsibility to know your State and local laws.

Payment by Zelle, a Postal Money Order or a personal check from well known members.

NOW $625.00 shipped
Price is $700.00 shipped and insured from my local FFL to your FFL in the lower 48.
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This is an amazing deal on a fantastic gun…if I didn’t already have one for home defense I’d be snapping it up. Someone is going to get a great deal!!
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