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  1. jkid1911

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    Jan 30, 2017
    Holsters are listed as shown from Left to right in each row.

    Condition on some is better than others but all are used to some degree so please consider this if interested. Did my best to rate these but ratings are subjective. If you have specific questions about condition please let me know. All prices include PP fees and shipping to the US, thanks!

    Row 1:
    1911 5" Wilson Combat IWB Covert Companion (1.5" loops) very good - 50.00
    1911 Commander Bianchi Model 19 lined (1.5" Loop) good - 29.00
    1911 Commander Safariland belt scabbard (1.5" loops) very good - SOLD
    1911 Officers/compact 3.5" Galco NSA IWB (1.5" belt loop) good - 40.00
    1911 Officers/compact 3.5" Galco IWB (1.5" belt) very good - 29.00
    Glock 26/27 Kramer well used condition, a bit loose so priced accordingly at 40.00
    Row 2:
    Glock 17 Galco NSA IWB (1.25" belt loop) good - 39.00
    Glock 26 Ted Blocker X16 belt slide (1.5" slots) well used bit loose - 25.00
    Glock 43 IWB excellent - 29.00
    S&W J-frame 1st Gen re-issue Centennial 38 special Safariland without Barrel shroud (1.5" Loops) good - 29.00
    Row 3:
    9mm double stack plastic single mag pouch - SOLD
    Galco 9mm double stack mag pouch (not glock, for Hi-power, Sig, etc) excellent - 29.00
    NOTE: I have one additional of the above Galco mag pouch not shown also 29.00
    Milt Sparks 9mm double stack double mag pouch (not glock, for Hi-power, Sig, etc) - 29.00
    Sig P228 Safariland/Don Hume Shoulder Rig good - 40.00

    Special note: the Galco NSA Glock 17 has had the loop attachment holes modified to adjust the angle. Thanks again!

    IMG_9487.JPG IMG_9488.JPG IMG_9489.JPG IMG_9490.JPG
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  2. nix_gary

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    Feb 9, 2017
    I’ll take the milt sparks hi power double mag pouch pending pics

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  3. RS.

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Waiting for photos.
  4. jkid1911

    jkid1911 Well-Known Member

    Jan 30, 2017
    My apologies to all for the delay , life got in the way.....posted thanks to all for your patience! :)
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