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How to remove a dual spring recoil setup without tools

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Did this quick video for a friend, showing how to remove the STI Recoilmaster without using the special tool/clip.

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Nice video Don. Damn I love that gun.
Baby cooing in background! :lol::tongue:
Those were some of the cutest little hands I’ve ever seen.
Don must get manicures, regularly! :rofl:
Looks like that gun needs a new bushing fit...either that or he has VERY strong hands to be able to turn it with his fingers. LOL!
Those were some of the cutest little hands I’ve ever seen.
Everything looks bigger in those hands.
Looks good, but I guess it doesn't work for all Recoil Masters :( I just tried it on my sentry and it doesn't work.

From your video it looks like yours collapses more. I did a quick and ugly response video.


Quack, I had tried to do it how your video shows it with my 10mm, and no frickin' way. Now on the 9mm it works like a champ. No tool needed for this one.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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