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ISO The Very Best 1911's
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Beige Pattern
Rectangle Mobile phone accessories
Sleeve Collar Baby & toddler clothing Pattern Sweater
White Musical instrument accessory Black Grey Composite material
Grey Rectangle Number Wall clock Symbol
Wallet Flag Paper product Mobile phone accessories Silver
Grey Mobile phone accessories Shadow
Mobile phone accessories Paper Drawing

1-Wilson Walnut with Sterling silver two-tone medallions $65 NOW $60 SOLD (these are $129 new)
2-Wilson G-10 with sterling silver medallions $65 SOLD
3-Hand finished, polished birdseye maple (non ambi) $45 NOW $35 SOLD
4-VZ Browning Hi Power pro slim Palm swells $55 ($79 at VZ!)
5-Wilson OLD medallion FULL SIZE-$40 SOLD
6-Wilson OLD medallion FULL SIZE$40 SOLD
7-Wilson OLD medallion COMPACT $40
8-Wilson Walnut with pewter medallions $45 NOW $40 SOLD
9-Wilson Cocobolo with pewter medallions $45 NOW $ SOLD
10-Larry Davidson Monkey Grip-$75 SOLD ! RARE! Impossible to find.SOLD
11-Colt Rosewood laminate ambi -$20 average condition, crappy ambi cut
12-Barnhart Burner grips-sand infused-used-$25 SOLD
13-Altamont laminate-average used condition (non ambi) $20
14a-Darrel Ralph made cocobolo weird pattern grips $30 SOLD
14-WEIRD set of Universal Outfitters GRINCH grips, G-10 with built in wrench and bushing wrenches! These were $125 new. $55 NOW $40
16-Baer Racer grips, light use $35 SOLD
17-some weird set of cast resin roper reproductions $35

All grips are like new unless noted. All are ambi except noted.
All grips include FREE SHIPPING in lower 48
ALL GRIPS MUST BE PAID by PAYPAL F&F to [email protected]
If you want them, please post the number you want in the thread and say "I will take them"
There is no quantity discount.

ISO The Very Best 1911's
2,055 Posts
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OK, I made a mistake. Grips 5, 6, 7 were mislabeled.

5 and 6 are for FULL SIZE with old medallion.

7 are for COMPACT with old medallion. I have refunded those who wanted these
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