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    There was a group of men that always took a "hunting" trip every year together. One of the men in the group, well....his wife did everything for him. So, just before he left on his "hunting" trip, told his wife to pack his luggage, and have it ready to go early in the following morning.

    Well...the guys went on their "hunting" trip, and did all kinds of things. During the trip, this one guy went to change his underwear, and become very irate. How in the **** could his wife forget to pack his underwear. He couldn't wait to get home, and share his anger. All the way home, it's all that he could think about. His friends dropped him off at his home, and he came storming into the house, and walked straight up to his wife. "How in the ****, could you have forgotten to pack my underwear?", he spouted.

    Her reply, "I didn't......I packed them in your guncase!"
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    To be honest, took me a second to catch that one.

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    And the year before that she packed them in the fishing tackle box.
    He should’ve learned by now.
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    He’s got some “splainin” to do
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