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Im looking for a new 1911 to fondle. Lots to trade, could add $$$ as long as its not enough to alert the Queen.

Located in wv

Sig Legion 229
This one has about 24 rds thru it. Barely handled. Includes original box, legion case and coin.
(950 tv) $925

PWS Mk116 Mod 1
Long Stroke piston upper 16"
Includes pws bcg and ch
300 AAC
(1000 tv) $900

brand new
(900 tv)

CZ Scorpion EVO 3
HBI duckbill mag release
HBI extended charging handle
HBI AK style selector
HBI trigger pack
rattle canned fde (black underneath)
kak buffer tube
shockwave blade
your choice of an eotech 512 or Sig romeo red dot
(1100 tv) $1050

Newly added:
PWS Mk119 Mod 2 (DMR upper)
Long stroke piston
18" barrel
1:7 twist

Office equipment Office supplies Computer accessory Rectangle Technology
White Grey Beige Parallel Space
Product Technology Black Beige Cylinder
Gun Firearm Trigger White Line
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