If you thought Tide Pods were bad...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Philip A., Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Philip A.

    Philip A. Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2017
    Now, seriously... Is there some degenerative brain disease roaming in the wild expanses of the education system?

    “Police in the US state of Utah have taken the unusual step of urging residents not to drive blindfolded after an online challenge inspired by a horror film led to a crash.”


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  2. gaijin

    gaijin Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2015
    And my folks thought WE did some dumbshit.

  3. WC145

    WC145 Every day is Saturday and every night's a party!

    Jan 1, 2013
    I watched that movie, at no point did I want to take the car out blindfolded and see how it might go. I don't understand what's wrong with people. I honestly believe we are witnessing the devolution of the human race. It is going to slowly 'stupid' itself out of existence.
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  4. Mike A

    Mike A Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Mar 19, 2017
    Yes the need for the Stupid Reservation is long over due.
    We made a mistake by forcing the Indians onto Reservations
    However perhaps we now have a legitimate reason for their use.

    A Stupid Reservation would allow the Idiots to cull themselves &
    remove the rest of us from harm. There must be some areas of
    our Country where A-Bombs were tested that we could build Cheap housing for Morons. Dirty Water & cheap food because health & long life would not be real factors to consider.

    Maybe someone will start a Go Fund me page for the Stupid
    Reservations & we all can live a happier Healthy life. :confused:
  5. Babboonbobo

    Babboonbobo Avatar is back to my favorite things!

    Nov 18, 2014
    Yep use LA and NYC you’ve seen the Kurt Russel movies right;)
  6. Babboonbobo

    Babboonbobo Avatar is back to my favorite things!

    Nov 18, 2014
    Ever watch the movie “Idiocracy”:roflmaro: it explains this very thing in that movie but it’s moving at a much more rapid pace!
  7. boatdoc

    boatdoc Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2015
    not much of a diff between blindfolded or Dui or distracted driving..same results
  8. WC145

    WC145 Every day is Saturday and every night's a party!

    Jan 1, 2013
    I know, life imitating "art".

    Here's a couple more examples of life imitating art, just because this thread needs more pics.:grin:

  9. B81

    B81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2018
    At least with eating Tide Pods, only the idiot suffered the consequences.
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  10. 1911fanatic

    1911fanatic Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2011
    If some a$$wipe hit me while driving blindfolded, I’d have to beat them with a lug wrench, that is what these people deserve for being so gd stupid and for putting others in grave danger. That mongoloid should at the very least be charged with attempted murder.

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  11. xerts1191

    xerts1191 Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2017
    Time for the Purge!
  12. joepilot

    joepilot So soon old, so late smart... Supporting Addict

    May 17, 2015
    What the F*** is the matter with people these days? :eek: The Stupid is strong with the millennials!
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  13. BenchMonkey

    BenchMonkey Angry Infidel

    Nov 28, 2018
    Yup, send out the ANTIFA shock troops!:D
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  14. 1LuvGuns

    1LuvGuns Incurable..... NRA Lifer

    Aug 14, 2012
    The gene pool needs some chlorine...
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  15. KS95B40

    KS95B40 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Aug 16, 2017
    She probably still doesn’t understand why it wasn’t just like the movie...
  16. removed

    removed Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2015
    You know I lived in Utah at Hill Air Force Base back in 90-94'. The town of Layton was just outside our gates. Spent plenty of time there "running the streets". Got to meet a lot of great people. However back then (and perhaps now), the selection of people with higher than average IQs were shockingly low. I can't imagine who this could have changed with the advent of the internet and social media. The chilling fact is, I think the populace in general there became lower in IQ. I saw this as I still have friends there both Mormon and not, who report these sad facts.

    Bottom line, I don't think Layton, UT is unique. In fact I would argue more and more of America is on this rapid decline thanks to a joke of a education system, idiotic things seen on the internet, the negative impact of social media and the constant drum beat of the mainstream (fake news) media brainwashing people into socialism and to not hold themselves accountable for anything. I.E. - It's someone else's fault mentality. Not to mention, responsible parenting is like a bad joke anymore, it's a byproduct of everything I stated. So how else could we expect this to turn out for our younger generations?
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