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Pulled. I’ll just keep saving my pennies to fund my next Wilson lol.

I bought this gun from a member here last year. It was originally fully built by Chambers Custom in 2011, then sent to Bunker Arms sometime after by the previous owners for more cosmetic modifications. I sent the gun to Nighthawk Custom in October after i noticed it was having issues reliably feeding my preferred carry ammo (Federal 230gr HSTs). They looked it over and I had them replace the small parts that they recommended needing replacing. While it was there, I also got some cosmetic options done (see build list). The gun turned out fantastic and it now eats HSTs no problem (200 Sellier and Bellot FMJs and 109 HSTs fired over the weekend without hiccup). The reason Im selling/trading is because other 1911s caught my eye while this one was away lol.

NOTE: The original builders weren't able to work on the gun as others have worked on it since then, totally fair, and i figured there would be a long wait with Bunker Arms since he's got his own customers/projects going on, again totally fair. Anyway thats the reason I sent it to Nighthawk for my modifications. That being said, Steven Cox from Nighthawk did an AWESOME job working on it!

If you have any questions or need more photos, feel free to PM.

Included are:
-RMR 06 (Type 2)
-Garrett Industries (Silent Thunder Fusion)
-1 ETM mags, 1 (Black) Wilson mag
-Extra VZ grips (gray/black Gaterbacks i believe)
-Gun case and old parts
-Nighthawk forms

Chambers Custom build list (I do not have a physical copy of this build list)

Bunker Arms build list(I do not have a physical copy of this build list)

Nighthawk Custom (I DO have the physical copy of this build list)


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