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Update: 3100 shipped must go...be sure to hit the second page to see all of the pics.

Price lowered 3500 shipped. I have 5,000 in this one! (443) 834-3436. Text or call after posting here and or sending a PM.

Update 2019/04/02 - I put 3 mags though it over the weekend. Couldn't resist, sorry lol. Ran great!

Update: scroll down to the bottom of page 1 for more pics

Update: I will cover shipping. Also, if you are hesitant to trust a new member, I honestly can't blame you. I get it. So I am willing to consider shipping prior to payment on a case by case basis. You must have a lot of feedback as a seller on this forum and it MUST be squeaky clean. If so, we'll talk.

Built and tuned by Jim of innovative custom guns. All MIM parts eliminated, and all premium parts have been hand fitted . Has been field stripped once for pictures and fired once by Jim for testing. I didn't add any idiot scratches, she's still mint. I hate putting it up, as it's the nicest 1911 I've ever owned. I keep getting cold feet but it's time. Between an interest in preban rifles, repairs on the house, and a business opportunity coming up, I realistically need to free up some cash. I'm cross posted but hoping it goes to an addict. I'm new here but have had an appreciation for this forum long before I joined so I'd love if it sold to someone here who can appreciate it. I have a good bit of feedback on the akfiles, and gun broker. I think I have some on hkpro as well.

A few details...The rails have been welded and recut, the frame was machined for a match grade para ord, Clark, lissner ramped barrel, the front strap checkered, the trigger worked under 4 pounds, blending at the rear of the slide, frame, ejector, extractor, and beaver tail. The attention to detail shows evrywhere, you won't be disappointed. The flats brushed and polished and finished with ionbond. Here's the parts list PM me for any other details or questions...or pictures. Thanks!

Schuemann Ramped barrel
Schuemann barrel Bushing
Schuemann barrel Link
Wilson Combat recoil group and guidrod
Wilson Combat pin set
Wilson Combat tactical BP Safety
Wilson Combat BP sear spring
Wilson Combat EP hammer spring
Wilson Combat BP slide release
Wilson Combat BP hammer strut
EGW plunger tube
Wilson Combat BP plunger group
Wilson Combat v-grip mainspring housing
Ed Brown titanium firing pin
EGW firing pin stop
Ed Brown three hole trigger
Ed Brown Memory Groove beaver tail
EGW extended ejector
EGW extractor
Cylinder & Slide ultra match commander hammer
Cylinder & Slide ultra low mass disconnector
Cylinder & Slide s80 titanium nitride trigger pull reduction kit
Cylinder & Slide extreme duty sear
Strayer Voigt spline drive mag release lock
Wilson Combat BP tactical mag release
Vz Alien G10 Ivory Grips
Vz grip hardware


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Bump! Terms updated, and I've decided to cover shipping for any buyer on this forum.

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I think you’d have more response with better photos. It looks like a great gun, but for $4k I’d be wanting more, and much better photos.

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I think you’d have more response with better photos. It looks like a great gun, but for $4k I’d be wanting more, and much better photos.
Thanks for the input, I'll try and take some tonight with my iPad...I imagine the camera on that is better than my phone.
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