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Inspiration Comes From Strange Places Sometimes-A Solution Of Sorts

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I had plans for this gun. In fact, it is a base gun that @Karl Beining is(was) building into my first full custom. It's a '77, my wife's birth year. I don't want a birth year gun for myself any more. My wife and my father('56) would be pretty cool and much more important to me. My wife has really been taken with this Colt and she isn't wrong. The slide to frame fit is very nice and it's a good lookin', classic Colt. Yesterday she asked if we could find a different '77 and keep this one as is. That gave me an idea and my wife liked it, so here we are.

We were keeping watch over my wife's grandfather in his final moments yesterday and I honored him in another thread and I don't mean to focus on that, but he had a Series 70 Colt much like this one, though a few years older. It was supposed to go to me and my family upon his passing. A drug addled family member stole it years ago and the serial number was not recorded. I suggested that we simply call this one grandpa's gun and keep it as it is. We'll know, but it will just become the family heirloom that his was supposed to be. She liked that idea and we will be finding another '77 base gun. These photos were taken before the sun came up today, so the photos are even ugly by my standards.

I bought a Del Fatti Speed Scabbard and have worn it just a bit, but it is my new EDC OWB holster. I never thought I'd own something like a $500 holster, but I own two Del Fatti belts and they are the best. I am impressed enough so far with the holster that I wouldn't sell it at a profit. As the photo evidence shows, my a** is a Standard White Boy Issue and as such I need proper gear to hold my pants up. I have that and the holster is great. It protects the gun, looks good and the gun just jumps out as well. Now I need an IWB.

It's good to add not just more guns and nice gear, but stuff that is very important, like a replacement heirloom Colt and stuff that is very nice and would take years and lots of $$$ to get, like a Del Fatti RSS for a Government Model. I used to wonder if "expensive" guns and gear validated the price tag. They very much do so for me. Top notch stuff is worth it and I find that over and over again, to my pleasure.
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