Dan Wesson Installation of Ed Brown Short Trigger in DW Valor

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    Aug 12, 2018
    We all know that 1911 parts must be fitted. But, when it comes time to swap out one part for another, what we often don't know is how much effort or skill is required to do the fitting. So, I thought I would share my experience installing an Ed Brown short trigger into my Dan Wesson Valor.

    The trigger I installed was the short solid version of the Ed Brown Aluminum Speed Trigger. I purchased it through Brownells. Part number 1001-SHORT.


    In short (no pun intended), these triggers are very close to being a drop in replacement for the stock trigger as one can get.

    The trigger bow appears to be identical in size and thickness as the stock DW trigger. The only size discrepancy was the trigger shoe, which is intentionally oversized by the manufacturer.


    My initial test fit showed that the trigger shoe required some material to be removed from the top side of the shoe, but the bottom side was a perfect fit. After a couple strokes of the file, followed by 1000 grain sandpaper, the trigger dropped in.

    After reassembling the pistol, I adjusted the over travel screw such that the sear would move just enough to clear the hammer hooks. Then backed out the screw another quarter turn to provide a little extra clearance between the sear and hammer. (Hopefully, some of you expert pistol smiths can comment on the correctness of this approach.)

    The results.





    I love it! I can now get a proper firing grip on my pistol AND get a consistent trigger press. With the long trigger I had a tendency to push the gun to the left. Switching to the short trigger has eliminated this problem.

    Some additional remarks:

    Had I been thinking, I would have just had @Steve Owens do this when I had him install a Stan Chen magwell on my Valor. Unfortunately, I didn't think of this until after I had already got the gun back.

    Chambers Custom makes a nice short flat trigger. Had I known about this prior to ordering the Ed Brown, I probably would have gone with that instead, as I think I would prefer the flat trigger over a curved trigger.

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