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My son , a USN Senior Chief, is currently at Ft Benning Ga competing in the InterService
Pistol Championships. The AMU's (Army Marksmanship Unit) commitment to precision shooting is impressive. They are based out of Ft Benning and have their load development center there. Most all competitive pistol ammunition is developed there as well as most all rifle ammunition to be shot over 300 yds. Possibly of note... the AMU won. Possibly of note.... my son is the high Navy shooter.
Interesting that ( to post just one score) out of a possible score of 200- 20x.....timed fire,
a score of 200-17x gets you 2nd place at these matches! These men CAN shoot Bullseye!
Congratulations to all competitors and to MR Browning for creating a combat pistol capable
of this sort of accuracy and reliability and to still be THE preferred pistol! After ALL these years!


Shooters on the line...

My spawn is in NAVY blue
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