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Here for your viewing pleasure in Glisenti Model 1910 9mm pistol serial number C 50. The pistol was a 9 mm calibre semi-automatic service pistol produced by the Italian company Società Siderugica Glisenti.
Wood Product Hardwood Trigger Metal
Metal Material property Silver Circle Steel
White Black-and-white Line art Drawing Paper
Product Brown Infrastructure Atmosphere Line
Wood Gun White Line Trigger
Daytime Brown Property Infrastructure Atmosphere
Brown Metal Tan Iron Close-up
Blue Product Photograph White Line
Blue Product Photograph White Line
It was put in production in 1910 to replace the aging Bodeo Model 1889. It saw extensive service in World War I and World War II with the Italian Army. The Model 1910 has a complex and weak firing system which mandates that the pistol ought to use weaker cartridges than pistols of comparable caliber.
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