Ithaca with 1917 complete Colt Frame?

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    Apr 8, 2019
    I have a Ithaca 1911 which I am trying to get more information about. I understand that
    Springfield provided Ithaca 6,000 Colt frames in (mostly) unfinished state of manufacture to aid in Ithaca getting into production.

    The key word being (mostly). Were complete Colt frames provided to Ithaca as well?

    My Ithaca has a complete (not unfinished) 1917 (dated based on serial number) frame with no alterations. Has the original Colt serial number and United States Property markings.

    Ithaca Slide: No flaming bomb marked (Ithaca typically had the bomb but not all)
    Barrel: HS High Standard & letter P (Ithaca)
    Plastic grips marked with K inside star and (1). (Ithaca grips)

    Lower made by Colt in mid 1917. (Serial: 188832) Blued - not parkerized.
    GHS Inspector stamp
    No cut out on trigger. (A1)
    No Heart cut-out (modification done by Ithaca on Colt frames)

    Thanks, Mark

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    Welcome to the forum Mark. The usual practice here is to post photos of the gun your speaking of. That thing sounds pretty darn cool. Again, welcome.

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