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Here's my Japanese MURATA Type 18 bolt action rifle chambered in 11mm mnaufactured in 1885. It's known as the Type 18 since it was adopted into service in the 18th year Emperor Meiji's reign which began in 1867. This is the first bolt action rifle manufactured in Japan and was the precursor to the famous Arisaka rifle. It mostly matching numbers; bolt, receiver, barrel, rear sight and trigger guard all match. The stock still retains the Emperor's chrysanthemum (mum) cartouche. If you look close you can make out the stamp below the mum. Below the mum is a rather faint, larger marking. This is the kanji character hai(an obsolete version of the character listed as #1526 in the Nelson kanji dictionary). Literally this character means "obsolete", or "discarded". In this case it can be interpreted as "withdrawn from service".
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The characters 内日青校 on the stock translate as Utsui Junior High School and indicate it was used as a training weapon after it was withdrawn from active service.
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