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    An elderly woman living near the Gulf of Mexico had spent her entire life dedicated to prayer. She had given huge sums of money to TV Evangelists and filled her home with statues and pictures of Jesus. One night a huge storm struck without warning, and the water began to rise around her home. She went to the second floor when the first floor flooded and prayed for salvation. When the second floor filled with water she went to the attic where she got on her knees and prayed for assistance. It was then a neighbor in a small row boat came to her aid, but she told him to save himself as the Good Lord will answer her prayers. The water kept rising and she crawled to the peak of the home where she prayed for help. This time a Shrimp boat came by and offered to throw her a line. No she said, the Lord will protect me! It wasn’t long before she was standing on the peak of the roof, in neck deep water and a Coast Guard Cutter found her with its spotlight and went to pull her from the water. NO she said, the Good Lord will save me!
    She next found herself in front of the Pearly Gates! She demanded from St. Peter to explain why the Good Lord did not save her!
    He answered; “He sent you three boats”.
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    Thanks for the early morning smiles this morning ED..
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    Good one. Reminds me of the missionary kid that was killed last week by the tribe on North Sentinel island. Sentinelese didn't kill him, he killed himself by going there. Must apply common sense, even as a Christian.
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