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Kandros Customs stainless govt Colt

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Colt 70 series
25 lpi frontstrap
Arrow pattern on top of slide
French cuts
Rounded butt
Bevel treatment
40 lpi rear of slide
Novak tritium front
10-8 rear
Harrison Design ignition,trigger,grip saftey
Match fit bushing and crowned factory barrel
Walnut grips by Zipps Grips,
Factory frame/slide fit
Air gun Trigger Everyday carry Gun barrel Gun accessory

Wood Rectangle Trigger Everyday carry Wood stain

Wood Gun accessory Everyday carry Font Metal

Trigger Air gun Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Missile Rocket Cone Gas Engineering

Wood Aircraft Metal Jewellery Font

Grille Wood Automotive tire Building Material property

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Bumper

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal
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A bit trivial but GLWS. Beautiful pistol.
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I don't see this one lasting very long. Very nice!
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