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Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by ajstrider, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. ajstrider

    ajstrider Active Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    I'm interested in how well fit the Kimber factory magwell is. I am half interested in a Kimber Tactical Entry gun. Please don't turn this into I hate Kimber guns or anything else. I have no sample of a Kimber factory magwell locally so I am looking to you guys for advice. I am not looking for some super smooth fit, just functional please.

  2. CMG

    CMG Member

    Aug 20, 2011
    My Team Match has a factory mag-funnel and it fits just fine. No huge gaps between frame and funnel, and an added plus is the MSH is steel instead of plastic.

  3. kens

    kens New Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    I added one to my Eclipse, no fitting was necessary and it looks great IMG_1608.jpg

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