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$1.950.00 Delivered and Insured for the whole lot.
Lower sent separate from my FFL to yours. The buttstock will be removed to fit the lower in it’s box. The grip is the thick Ergo Grip offering.
2 Colt A4 stock kits. One browned out by Retro Arms Works. Knight’s panels and grip also done.
1 Colt buffer tube kit with LMT SOPMOD.

MK12 mod I stuff =
Knight’s Rail
part # 21318
Knight’s Low Pro Gas Block
part # 992041
Knight’s NT4 M4QD FH
part # 93048
Colt Carbine Gas Tube
PN SP62366
The MK12 mod I all this came off had about 1,500 rounds through her.

There’s also a new in wrapper NT4 and a previously attached KAC sling mount.
1 Cerro Forge A3 upper that has a somewhat (forced?) purplish hue.
1 Square Forge carry handle.
1 Colt A2 flash hider (NOS off a 6721).
I’ll post this here for a bit. I’m not splitting this one up. The SR15 lowers are fetching $1,500 on GB at the moment and seem to be going higher every week. There’s enough meat on the bones here to probably net $500 back to you parting all this stuff out and just keeping the stock as is. I don’t have time for that so I’ll keep this here for a bit and send her off to GB if there’s no interest.
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