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Honestly, I'm pretty happy with anything in .45 that is reliable in my guns that isn't ball. I don't mind ball in general because it feeds so well, but quality hollow points are better of course. People can bitch about ball ammo sucking but it still makes 2 holes in the guy even if small.

.45 HST is my #1 choice due to proven track record, feed reliability in all my guns, different calibers (nice rounded ogive helps a lot) AND it's available pretty easily at any time. I generally don't keep the same ammo in my mags for more than a year at the outside. Because I actually shoot through my carry ammo/anything in a magazine that is carried I don't want a round that is hard to locate later on.

That said, I still like Ranger Talon 230 the most as a .45 round. Expands well and the petals could do more than HST. But I run HST because I can get it easily.

230 GD are easy to get and work great if they feed

200 +p in Gold Dot & XTP both work well and I would have no problem carrying them in a steel frame/heavier or longer gun. They push a bit more than the 230s for me and accuracy suffers a bit.

in 9mm, all of these function reliably for me; I would not hesitate to carry the DPX/TAC PD type copper bullets if they functioned reliability, but I've never even shot a single round of them

these would be my choices
1. 147 HST standard pressure
2. 124 HST +p
3. 124 HST
4. 124 GD +p
5. 147 Ranger Talon (hard to find sometimes)

I want reliability above all in all me gear; guns, ammo, penetration with some expansion.

Situational awareness, tactics, shot placement rule the day.
1 - 1 of 81 Posts