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I am selling a very nice Korth revolver of the very first Sport line 21 series from my personal collection. Made and proofed in 1966 it displays the extremely high quality finish that is typical for the very early guns. There were only 384 .22 l.r. Revolver recorded as manufactured in 1965 and 1966 while Willi Korth was overseeing the production personally and this is a prime example of the great finish! This fine gun has no import markings.

Korths were not polished on a wheel but instead were polished with sanding blocks by hand.

The cylinder bores were finished by pressing a hardened steel bearing down and up to get that glass smooth finish that makes extraction a breeze!

The grips were still made locally until 1969 and have the typical rough checkering of the pre-69 grips. Afterwards the grip manufacturing was outsourced to a start-up company called Nill.

I have two identical 21 series revolvers and one has to go as I am diversifying my collection a little bit more. I have shot this revolver and it performs very well, which I cannot say about every Korth that I have handled over the years. Overall, this revolver has seen very few rounds through it, as can be seen on the recoil shield.

I am asking $2,250 shipped to your FFL, or to your own C&R license. Feel free to PM or email me with questions.

For a quick overview of the Evolution of the Korth Revolver, click this link:
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