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    Sep 10, 2011
    C72DFC22-53C1-412D-B65D-751F70425ED8.jpeg 6C788CC1-F548-45BF-84ED-A7406A506B68.jpeg 8C09050B-F004-4D44-AE1F-2A24AA3E4F5E.jpeg 1F221DC6-ABA9-4D68-B6EB-E6B16BA3AD84.jpeg 821BE021-0015-41A4-8B42-BE61A0875CE4.jpeg 2B2D7D26-D302-4E7A-B92A-950B9EDB33EF.jpeg 5259BDD7-053F-420C-B199-B0A2AA421E2D.jpeg catch and release

    Love this little guy but impulsivey bought something else yesterday and cant keep them all

    User, rock solid and fires like a rocket!

    Video available upon request

    $600 G&S
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