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Asking $1,950 shipped overnight the lower 48. USPS Money Order preferred. No trades please. I hold this one in high regard. If this doesn’t sell soon, I’m likely change my mind and keep it.

Baer’s 1.5” guarantee, checkered MSH, 3.5 lb trigger, single-sided thumb safety, solid trigger, fiber optic front sight along with sterile slide and no FCS.

Only owner. 2,400 rounds. Only one failure and it was on the very first magazine - the slide needed a slight nudge to fully close…tight bushing/barrel fit. That hardly counts. Has run 100% ever since. It’s smoothed out nice but still tight and feels like a single piece of steel when picked up.

Has thin zipper-induced scratches on the top and the right side of the slide captured in one photo below. Surface only and not very noticeable unless you’re looking at the correct angle and lighting. Bluing looks very good overall.

Selling to reduce guns that I barely have time to shoot anymore and fund home improvements. This one is far too nice to be sitting idle. It’s a looker and a shooter that gathers attention at the range. The 18.5 lb Wolff recoil spring has only 800 rounds on it. Gun is cleaned, oiled and ready to shoot.


HW 2.jpg

HW 4.jpg

HW 3.jpg


HW 7.jpg

HW 8.jpg

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Thanks, I'm already giddy :) Been looking to make a significant upgrade from my RIA GI model, had my heart on a HW Mono like this!
Hell of a way to step up! Congrats and welcome!
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