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  1. sshbiker

    sshbiker New Member

    Sep 8, 2011

    I have for sale a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special. This is an early one, serial number TR0019X. Here are some details:

    -Authentic Novak night sights (dated 04 and still pretty bright) that were standard on the early TRS's. The rear tritium vials have been marked over with a sharpie, but I have to reapply it every month or two, so it comes off if you so desire.

    -Mid-length thumb safety. These were standard on the early TRS's.

    -The pistol has approximately 4000 rounds through it and runs great. All brass-cased factory ammo.

    -The pistol currently wears VZ G10 double diamond grip panels. I sold the original slim panels.

    -The pistol can be both press-checked or squeeze-checked with one hand with ease. It does need a bushing wrench to turn the bushing.

    -The pistol has a lot of holster wear. There is also an area on the slide and dustcover were the bluing was damaged by rust after a long, sweaty day in the field. I discovered the rust that afternoon and it wiped away with some oil, but the bluing came off with it. The metal in this area is still smooth to the touch so no pitting occured and it should refinish just fine.

    -The pistol will be shipped with the following:
    -Hard-sided pistol case
    -4 Wolff recoil springs (18.5lb) - new-in-wrap.
    -2 Brownells recoil springs (16lb) - new-in-wrap
    -Brownells aluminum bushing wrench - used
    -Wilson plastic bushing wrench - used
    -Hoppes .45 Bore Snake - new-in-wrap
    -Ed Brown recoil spring plug - new-in-wrap
    -Brownells S/S stock screw bushings - new-in-wrap
    -5 Tipton snap caps - used
    -2 Wilson Combat 47D magazines - used

    In the event of multiple parties being interested, the first person to definitively tell me "I'll take it" via email will get the pistol. Asking price is $1350 *Sold* shipped and insured from my FFL to your FFL. I have many more magazines available if the buyer is interested. The pistol is located in Austin, TX for FTF deals. I also have a large quantity of factory brass-cased ammo available for FTF deals.

    Feel free to email with questions. Thanks for looking! :biggrin1:


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  2. RMA

    RMA Active Member

    Aug 18, 2011
    This did not last long. I always loved a well worn Baer especailly an early TRS such as this one. Congrats on the sale.

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