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Lite Weight Builds

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Hey Team,
I've been posting here for a while on the pistol side and thought I'd chime in on ARs and share some of my experiences.

After doing some rifle classes a few years ago, I found that my rifle, a typical forged receiver, 16" M4 profile barrel, got heavy in a hurry. So, I started researching lite weight rifles and came up with this build based on a receiver set and handguard from 2A Arms out of Idaho. Billet receiver set, 2A Ti Regulated BCG, Ti muzzle break (that actually works), 16" 2A lightweight 5.56 barrel, Geissele SSA-E Trigger, and Holosun. It all came in a 4.94 pounds. You just don't realize how heavy your AR is until you pick up something like this.
When I hand it to someone they look at me, eyes as big as cue balls, ask if it's a polymer gun, and start tapping on the receiver. The lower weight is not only great when lugging it around, but really makes it a fantastic shooter! The low weight of the Titanium BCG makes recoil a thing of the past especially once you tune up the onboard regulator. I can't say that having a regulated BCG is any different than a regulated gas block, but it sure is easier to deal with when adjusting. I occasionally add the 3X Holosun magnifier for fun and more precision at distances, but where I shoot we only get out to 300 yards, the 3x isn't expressly necessary.
Do you all ever consider weight when you're specing a new build? Seeing the rifles guys are using in classes nowadays with all manner of attachments - lights, lasers, suppressors, what have you, I don't know how they lug it all around.
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Last March I had a bonus check burning a hole in my pocket and wanted something with an LPVO on it so I build this Wilson Combat with a similar mindset, but not as strict. stayed with the TI Regulated BCG, because I just love it. The hand guard and Ti Break from Coda are pretty amazing. Faxon barrel on this one shoots 1-inch groups at 100 all day long.
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Let's see your lite weight build if you got 'em!!
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I am not a weight conscious shooter per say. Only recently have I built an AR that you would call light weight. My choice of parts was simply to see what could be achieved for a competition driven build to be light, accurate and soft shooting. My typical 3-gun AR was always around 9lbs with optic and mount. Never thought it was too heavy. Ive done lots of training and classes with a Carbine weighing 8lbs or so and never thought it too heavy, even carrying it all day. My lightweight build without optic came in at just over 5-1/2 lbs. with optic 7-1/2 lbs. (shed about 2lbs total) This is with a 18" barrel and full stock. Not a pistol with a short bbl. More importantly in my opinion is where the weight lies. The closer to the shooter the weight is the better. This one is superb.
I also started with a Wilson LW receiver set. Its not as light as some ultra light receiver sets, but for a billet set it was about the same as a forged set. Used a bunch of Titanium for the steel small parts, comp and gas block and went with a carbon fiber wrapped Proof Research barrel. 1/2" groups at 100yds are easy. Total cost was spendy, but not KAC spendy. It was a fun project.

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^^^ Nice builds! ^^^

I did one a few years ago for chits and giggles. Got out of hand and expensive quick. It was a fun adventure and it's a super soft shooter. Ti bcg and adjustable Ti gas block - adjusted for just enough gas to run reliably.

5.6lbs with optic (opted for the chunky JPSCS).

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I like it........^^^ where did the buffer tube come from?
@CS_762 excellent build! I really like the Battle Arms receiver sets, nearly went that direction myself.
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