LNIB 1X6X24 Vortex Strike Eagle Scope w/ GG&G Billet 30mm QD Mount

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    Jun 17, 2018
    For Sale: My brand new vortex strike Eagle that was only Zeroed and Mounted on my new GG&G Quick Detach Mount.

    $425 Insured, tracked & Shipped to your door. (Accept PP using the F&F option otherwise buyer will pay for all PP fees + full cost of item.

    Their both brand new and has been sitting in its box. The scope runs around $300-$330 the mount $180. Illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings. Throwing in a scope cover that is reversible black/Camo

    DM me for inquiries or questions. It’s a great set up for AR15 or AR10. Both have a lifetime warranty!

    2CC4CA76-DD5B-497E-979F-9B75B5BB6E0C.jpeg CEA1C284-1774-4024-8130-F68D8F97DF1D.jpeg D0386D3A-FC8E-47FC-8EA7-069870BE7641.jpeg C8EA473F-7A39-46AA-85F7-B1025B5D8B9A.jpeg 0A3F6F0D-2FE1-40E3-9DB5-474516494214.jpeg D200BC42-C7E2-45ED-A2D6-528F9E96FA81.jpeg 2C1D3C2A-7ED8-412A-8A20-A6627D3A48E2.jpeg 28CFFD95-4CEE-4613-85DA-D8090131478A.jpeg
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