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It’s with a heavy heart that I’m putting this gun on the market.

It was from their initial release and bought from Dan at BBP.

This gun was used by Extreme Shooters as the prototype for stippling the Staccato’s Gen2 grip. $120 including shipping.

The gun is in as new condition. I have put about 300 flawless rounds through it. It has not been in and out of a holster more than 5 times.

Includes everything that came from the factory including a holster.

I’m including 6 Wilson 8 round mags with it. MSRP $46 each or $276

$1600 Shipped to your FFL.

Product Wicker Baggage Pocket Fiber
Office equipment Material property Label Office supplies Wallet
Gun Product Firearm Trigger White
Automotive exterior Office equipment Material property Carbon Bumper part
Metal Silver Steel
Payment card Symbol Passport Paper product Label
Textile Office equipment Office supplies Label Woven fabric
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