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Looking for pistol options for my wife...

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We are on a quest to find her a pistol that she actually enjoys shooting and shoots well. 9mm or 380. 9mm hopefully just because we won't have to start stocking up on 380. (Have plenty of 9mm)

She loves her TX22 & my PPK/S 22LR so maybe a G3? She wants to handle a Ruger Security 380, but no local shops have had one yet.

She had a Shield EZ 9mm, G44 and G43X, but none worked out so they got sold.

I'm thinking we need something with a 5" ish barrel, but not heavy. Muscle challenges with her hands prevent her from shooting my 1911 or even TP9 SFx for more than a few rounds due to the weight of the pistols. :( She also has challenges racking most slides.

Are there are legit contenders in this space?
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I think you answered your own question. TX22, either the standard or compact.
Ronald Reagan was nearly taken out with 1 22lr in the armpit.
If your wife can get half a magazine's worth of 22s into center mass I think you have a winner.

I have my various HD guns but in reality, I know I could put 10 22s into the face of a threat with my S&W 22 Victory. Keeping a 22 reliable really is not that hard.
My bad, thought you were after something for self defense. But there are plenty of other 22s to fall in love with that are not hard to rack.
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