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Looking for pistol options for my wife...

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We are on a quest to find her a pistol that she actually enjoys shooting and shoots well. 9mm or 380. 9mm hopefully just because we won't have to start stocking up on 380. (Have plenty of 9mm)

She loves her TX22 & my PPK/S 22LR so maybe a G3? She wants to handle a Ruger Security 380, but no local shops have had one yet.

She had a Shield EZ 9mm, G44 and G43X, but none worked out so they got sold.

I'm thinking we need something with a 5" ish barrel, but not heavy. Muscle challenges with her hands prevent her from shooting my 1911 or even TP9 SFx for more than a few rounds due to the weight of the pistols. :( She also has challenges racking most slides.

Are there are legit contenders in this space?
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Might want to try a HK VP9 if you can find a range that rents them.
I owned one & also a VP9SK. She couldn't rack either slide :(
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I think you answered your own question. TX22, either the standard or compact.
Ronald Reagan was nearly taken out with 1 22lr in the armpit.
If your wife can get half a magazine's worth of 22s into center mass I think you have a winner.

I have my various HD guns but in reality, I know I could put 10 22s into the face of a threat with my S&W 22 Victory. Keeping a 22 reliable really is not that hard.
She already has the TX22. The point of the post is finding her next...
Not looking for a carry pistol!
A revolver in 38 Special could be a consideration.
She already had one and sold that too ;)
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Please no more micro anything suggestions. She doesn't need to try another short barrel snappy pistol with small purchase that she doesn't like. Been there done that
What kind of shooting does she plan to do with it, primarily? Carry? Range? Competition? Bullseye? Training classes?

A large gun shop near me (Shooters World, Orlando FL) has a "demo rack" of at 60-70 pistols, all lined up sitting on dummy barrels attached with cable. You can quickly move from pistol to pistol, handling each one, racking the slide or pressing the trigger. They are organized by brand. They have almost every single conceivable modern polymer/steel pistol on this rack. Is it possible you can find a gun shop with a similar setup near you that ya'll can visit?
Just punching paper at the range
Has your wife tried the "clam" hold? Hold the slide weak hand with palm and thumb and push the frame with strong hand thumb web.

My father couldn't rack any of his/my autos due to hand arthritis. Afterwards he could rack anything. Play with spring weight a bit and even better. Just throwing that out there in case you weren't familiar with.

That being said my M&P's are some of the easiest to rack autos I have have fired. Added plus is you can change out to solid guide rod and run different weight 1911 springs.

Another option, which I am slowly migrating towards, is shooting 4"/6" revolvers with cowboy loads. 700fps'ish is pretty pleasant shooting.

Although you didn't mention, it, 22lr is always fun shooting and most people already have a healthy supply of 22 ammo.

Seriously though, have her try the clam hold. Several people I lnow are back to shooting after using this technique.

Hope she finds something she likes.
She has tried that, yes. No bueno. At this point, she might have to stay with 22
Two completely different actions, as I'm sure you know. While I see many struggle with slide retraction, I've never seen any that struggle to pull the DA trigger on a revolver. Just reporting my experiences from the retail perspective, ymmv
Agree. She had a revolver and never had trouble pulling the trigger.
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How about a Glock 19 and with a red dot racking is easy peasy! Has interchangeable back straps for better fit.
If she wants all metal the CZ Shadow 2 is awesome however given the low sitting slide it can be harder to rack without a red dot.
I actually just picked up a 19X today so I'll hand that to her and see what she thinks.
I don’t remember if I posted this before but I can second the m&p 380ez light weight easy to rack and easy to shoot. I bought one toget my kids into shooting especially my daughter she is a petite thing. It didn’t last to long for her she liked my 1911 45acp better lol. Still have the ez fun to shoot
If she didn't like her 9 mm EZ I don't see how she's going to like the 380 version any more
From what I have observed from women that I know the preferred carry gun is the Sig 230 (not 232) for out of the box accuracy, comfort and easy to use. I'm sure there are others, but the ones I know like that carry 380's like that Sig.
She's not wanting a carry pistol...
I'd defintely look at the Ruger Security-380. Is about the size of a glock 19 with the 15 round mag, super easy to rack slide, etc. I will be picking one up for my lady, and to use as a training pistol for new shooters. Street price is $300+/-. but I have seen them as low as $260.
Had to meet someone at a local shop today to do a transfer for a pistol I was selling to them and they happen to have the security 380 so I handled it. It felt good to me, but she wasn't with me so hopefully they have it when she's able to go.
I’ve had or shot easily over 100 different models or variations of guns over the years.

The HKExpert jumped out as me the first time I handled it as being insanely easy to rack. I almost thought there was no recoil spring in it.
She's not going to spend $1k on a pistol ;)
Good luck on her finding her Goldilocks pistol on a budget. Won’t be easy.
No need to be rude
Not being rude but there’s 4 pages of suggestions and everything’s being ruled out. The smith and Wessons specifically designed for easy racking I thought were ruled out because she doesn’t want a carry pistol.

That rules out probably 50% more than pistols on market.

Budget is going to rule out a lot.

I believe I remember weight of pistol is an issue.

Just seems like you’re squeezing the problem from every side there’s not going to be much of anything left.

Goldilocks has to be “just right” which is a pretty fair metaphor of what she’s looking for.
Everything? Not even close. Some people didn't read and suggested things she's already owned blah blah blah. Have a good day some people didn't read and suggested things she's already owned blah blah blah. Have a good day
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