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Low profile BUIS for AR15

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Im starting on a new AR build, this will be a hunting/target rifle only so this will be a scoped rifle. While I always like the idea of backup irons its not a priority for me with hunting rifles, but since the AR has pictatinny rails just sitting there I am curious, what are some quality BUIS sights with the lowest profile?
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I went with the Magpul Pro. Here is a thread I made:

KAC is my favorite. But dang they are pricey.
Magpul pro lr (the rear with elevation adjustment)
Features vs cost……MagPul Pro is the best lo profile BUIS that I’ve tried. Knights is a VERY close second. Price is what really separates the two
Low profile not lockable ultradyne sights
If lockable need/want Wilson combat
Magpul Pros are great, their new MBUS 3 are not quite as low pro but far cheaper.

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