LWRC M6IC-DI with improvements

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    Feb 17, 2014
    20171003_203001.jpg 20171003_203029.jpg Good afternoon I am listing a few of my weapons for sale or trade.

    First of all is a LWRC M6IC-DI. Great cosmetic and mechanical shape, bought it new, 120 rounds fired. Improved with the following mods:
    -Magpul UBR Gen 2 stock
    -Magpul BUIS
    -Magpul MOE+ grip
    -Lantac Dragon brake
    -LWRC FDE pannel set
    - Aimpoint PRO or Vortex SparcAR and Vortex 3x magnifier combo
    Trade value = 2000
    Cash Price = 1800 shipped

    Secondly, my Ruger Precision Rifle Gen 2 chambered in 6.5 creedmore. Purchased used haven't fired it myself. Previous owner stated less than 50 rounds fired but cant confirm . Great condition. Additional equipment is as follows:
    -Sightron SIII 6x24x50 riflescope with MOA2 reticle second focal plane
    -Atlas Bipod cant remember model number
    -Nightforce Rings
    -Ergo grip with palm shelf
    -knockoff Pelican wheeled case
    Trade Value = 2300
    Cash Price = 2000 shipped

    Combo Trade value = $4200
    Cash Combo Price = $3600

    Trade interests:
    Long range rifles in 300wm or 338 lapua
    Scar 17s and optics
    Tavor X95
    HK P7
    Glock gen 5
    Noveske Rifles
    Body Armor, war blets, chest rigs (for fat guys lol)

    Thanks for reading, God Bless

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