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Hello all-

These are for sale or trade. Boxes, mags etc not pictured as I am trying to show the gun and there is a limit on the number of pics.

First up is a Springfield XDS. This is the 1st Gen. It has some carry wear. 3-400 rounds through it. I am the original owner. 2 mags including extended mag with grip extension. Box as it came new. $320 shipped.

Gun Firearm Trigger Line Gun accessory
Brown Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory

Next is a Walther PPQ. This is one of the best striker fired polymer guns you can buy, in my opinion. This too is a first gen with the paddle mag release. In fantastic condition.. not 100% sure of the round count but can't be too high. I am the original owner. A Meprolight front night sight was installed. Comes with box and 5 mags ($150 value). $525 shipped.

Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel

Next is a German P225. I purchased this with the intention of doing some work to it. With the number of projects I have going I won't be getting to it anytime soon. Plus this is a completely German version, not the US re-release so it's probably better left alone. Triple matching serial number (slide, frame & barrel), all the proof marks, KG date code puts it as a 1996 model. No box, one mag. Mag is a zipper back. Very very light wear. This is in fantastic condition. I have fired exactly one mag, I do not know previous round count before I got it but it can't be much. $575 shipped.

Brown Gun Firearm Trigger White
Gun Brown Firearm Trigger Line
Wood Floor Flooring Hardwood Wood stain

Next is a Standard S333 Thunderstruck. This is a conversation piece for sure. I have fired one cylinder, that's all that is through it. I am the original owner. Comes with box and holster that came with it new. $370 shipped.

Gun Firearm Trigger Ammunition Gun accessory

Last but not least is a Sig M17 Surplus. Exactly as it came from Sig. Obviously it has wear... it was with the Army. I can't prove it, but likely this one saw some action. Really cool piece. Unknown round count, the US Army is the original owner. :) This one is only for trade. To be honest, I'll prob be pretty picky on the trades on this one.

Gun Firearm Ammunition Trigger Tan

Khaki Stationery Cylinder Paper Writing

Please no offers of polymer frame trades (Glock, Springfield, etc.) I am all set there.

The fine print:
Please don't ask me to ship where you know I can't. I don't think there is a CA roster eligible gun here. PPQ and M17 mags are greater than 10 rounds. All prices include shipping to CONUS and will go next day air. Your FFL must accept from an individual and I'll need a copy of the FFL. Payment via Zelle, USPS MO or bank check (check must clear before I'll ship). Other electronic payment types need to be discussed first.

Thanks all, look forward to hearing from you.



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GLWS! I picked up one of the M17 Surplus pistols this past weekend. Ihave no immediate intent to sell, but am watching the market closely...they are selling well above what Sig was asking. I put 50 rounds through mine over the weekend...and it shoots very nicely. I happen to shoot P320 based pistols well and find them to be enjoyable shooters, so take that with a grain of salt.
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