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    From Reuters, Nov 18th, 2018 ...

    HONG KONG — International motorsports chief Jean Todt has promised the governing FIA will investigate Sunday's horrific aerial crash at the Macau Formula Three Grand Prix which left 17-year-old German driver Sophia Floersch with a spinal fracture.

    Floersch was catapulted off the track into a photographers' bunker after hitting the back of one car and shunted over another while traveling at more than 171 mph on the tight street circuit.

    The teenager was conscious when taken to hospital in the former Portuguese colony from where she tweeted that she was "fine" and would undergo surgery on Monday.

    Here's the video ...
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    Thanks for posting that... That was a huge shunt!

    I was at Long Beach for the F1 race when Clay Regazzoni had a brake failure at 180 MPH and went into the catch fence upside down. Regazzoni had a spinal injury that left him paralyzed. I was a few feet away from the crash at Queen's Hairpin and it looked like it was sure to be a fatal. It took rescue marshals a very long time to get him out of the car. That was 1980. Safety engineering as taken giant advances since then.

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    What business does a 17 year old have behind the wheel of a car like this? I won't mention on a racing circuit where everyone out there is at risk. Something is wrong here.
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    I believe that a potential F1 driver is getting their "foot in the door" in F4 and F3 and it wouldn't be unheard of but not common to drive F3 at that age. Ayrton Senna was 24 when he won an F3 title but had been racing in that category for a few years.
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    Lewis Hamilton was 23 also when he won his first World Championship. He almost won the Championship in his rookie year at 22. Drivers like Max Verstappan got into Formula 1 at 17 and he will most like be a World Champion very soon.

    If you have the talent and display the maturity to drive at the top of auto racing you're going to get a seat. Lots of teenage drivers have gone into F1 driving cars that the average driver wouldn't dare to even sit in.

    The girl in Macau either got bumped and spun around or the brake bias was set wrong or failed sending her backwards at 170 + MPH. These cars are very fast and quite safe really but, racing is racing and very bad things happen. Ayrton Senna was a 3 time World Champion and was killed in 1994 driving an F1 car. It happens but, thank God not often anymore. With the safety engineering of these cars crashes happen that you're sure they're a fatal and the driver gets out of what's left of the car and walks back to the pits or not so many years ago and under certain situations run back to the garage and get the back up car.

    2 time World Champion Fernando Alonso's crash in Australia.

    Derek Warwick's crash in Italy

    Gerhard Berger crash exactly in the spot Senna was killed.

    Ayrton Senna's fatal crash due to steering failure.

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    What's wrong is the track itself. Macau is a notoriously dangerous track to run on. It's not a permanent track. Instead it is city streets blocked off they race on. Watch some YouTubes from Macau Moto Gp and other bike races there. Riders die almost every year. I'd even go so far as to say it's more dangerous than the Isle of Mann TT races.

    But it is a testament to the structure and safety of the cars for her to even be alive. A whack like that and only a spinal fracture is amazing. That would have killed a driver even just a few years ago.
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