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    I picked these mags up in a package deal today and would like to more know more about them such as date, value, era, collectability, anything. Two are marked "C-R" on the bottom of the base plate and "R" on the topside lip of the baseplate. The other three are unmarked other than an "R" on the topside lip of the baseplate. Also, one of the "R" only marked mags has a pinned base, the rest are welded. All have the same dimpled follower. Any help would be much appreciated.
    2.jpg 20190109_173143.jpg 20190109_173213.jpg 20190109_173322.jpg 20190109_173342.jpg
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    Greetings..according to Clawson's Collector's R on the top lip of the base would indicate a WWI mag made by the Risdon Tool and Machine Co, Naugatuck, Conn

    A mag with an R at the top of the lip and a C-R on the bottom was also a Risdon subcontract for Colt during WWII. As far as value etc..may want to check Gunbroker, etc to see what the prevailing prices might be...
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