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My recent trip to my LGS proved once again the adage that gun stores are like Wal Mart. Go in for one thing and come out with a basket full.

Went in to do a transfer for a H&R Sportsman 999 and saw a Marlin 410 lever action shotgun sitting in the rack. I was thinking it was a Marlin 1895 45-70 and was pleasantly surprised that it was the .410 shotgun. Looked unfired and action was as stiff as most Marlin's coming out of the factory. JM stamped, original box, 200 rounds of ammo and paperwork was a nice plus but consignor had it listed for what it was going for back in 2004/5, which is about 1/2 of what these are going for online since they are no longer in production.

I actually left the store without buying it, but corrected that problem later in the day when I bought it over the phone.

Have visions of taking it on my next bird hunt, but cylinder bore and .410 shot density probably wouldn't make it very productive with me behind the shotgun. Would make for a good snake killer or rabbit/squirrel gun or a twist on a traditional home defense shotgun with the latest personal defense .410 bore loads. It will be interesting to see how it shoots slugs but expect range will be limited.

More of a curiosity/investment at this point.

Anyone else with experience with one of these? I know Winchester hhas the 9410 and understand Rossi came out with one, but not sure if any are still in production.
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