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Master Gunworks: Elements Perfect Trigger

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing a little more from "behind the curtain" again. Anyway, I was doing a trigger on a customer 1911 and figured I would share a few thoughts and photos. As I am sure you know the finish on the hammer hooks (the bearing surface of the sear nose) is pretty important. The before photo is the hammer hooks of a factory Wilson Combat "Bullet Proof" Hammer. While this is a pretty good finish as far as factory finishes go, you can see light scratches in the finish. The after photo is after I re-stoned and polished the hammer hook surfaces. Sorry about the poor photography. Photographing a mirror-like finish seems to be challenging for my photo skills. Again the small details make the difference between the semi-custom quality and the handcrafted quality levels. Thanks for looking, Jon

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Nice. The first pic is deceiving, the hooks look a mile tall.
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