Sponsor Mauser C-96 with Chinese Markings and Stock

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    Nov 25, 2016
    Hello Addicts,

    I have been off busy with my "real job" for the past couple of weeks. I have a bunch of new guns in stock and we have some great used inventory that has come in that I think a few of you will be interested in. I also have 4 more used Wilson's from my customer who is slowly thinning his collection. I will do my best to get everything listed today.

    Here is one of the Used guns I was talking about.
    • Mauser C-96
    • 7.63X25 Mauser
    • 5.5" barrel
    • Only serial number is on the back of the "Slide". Has Chinese markings on the side. Obviously made by Mauser, but may be a Chinese contract Gun. Barrel is dirty and dark, but has rifling. Comes with stock. Originality of stock is unknown. Bluing is thinning but no rust.
    Special Addicts Pricing $1175.00 shipped

    I accept cash, checks, and credit cards with no fees. We also offer layaway and have financing options. We do accept trades.


    IMG_20181022_122014.jpg MVIMG_20181022_122254.jpg MVIMG_20181022_122247.jpg MVIMG_20181022_122120.jpg IMG_20181022_122053.jpg IMG_20181022_122040.jpg
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