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    A tourist in Spain stops into a restaurant across the street from a bullfighting ring. He looks over the menu and notices the man at the next table is being served two very large meatball with a delicious looking sauce. He asks the waiter what the man is having? The waiter replies "Oh senor, those are not meatballs, zey are zee boolls testicles." The tourist says "Well they look delicious, I will have the same." The waiter replies "Oh senor, they are only available one time each day, just after zee bool fight." Tourist says "no problem, I will be back tomorrow after the fight." Next day he comes back into the restaurant and reminds the waiter of what he wants. He waits, drooling in anticipation of his meal. When the waiter arrives, there a two tiny little meat balls on the plate. Very disappointed, he asks the waiter about them. The waiter replies "Ah senor, zee bool, he does not always lose!"
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