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MEC, Original “9000” Model, Complete with everything to reload 2 ¾” Shot Shells, 12 Ga. (see pics) This is an original model that reloads 12ga. shells. After initial start up you get a loaded shell every pull of the handle. All you have to do is insert an empty shell and then insert a new wad....The shot, powder and primers are pre-loaded in their containers. A charge bar allows powder and shot settings. This unit has loaded hundreds of shells but is still in excellent condition. It will have some surface dirt but operates perfectly. It sat for a couple years since last use so it got dirty...........Owner/Users manuals can be downloaded at MEC website.
I want $300.00 plus shipping to you. Shipping cost determined by your zip code. These sell new for over $700.00. Prefer Postal M.O. Don't have Paypal. Also listed on another site.
See pics.........
First "I'll take it" here gets loader. Questions by PM or email me at [email protected].
Thanks for looking. TR


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