SOLD Medford Infraction Limited Edition PVD

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  1. JH225

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    Aug 5, 2014
    As New Medford Infraction

    DLT Exclusive #33 of 50

    Black PVD Titanium Slabs

    Black PVD S35VN 3.25" Blade

    Super smooth action

    Early Lock up with no lock stick

    Not carried or used from the way it looks (perfect save a teeny snail by the clip)

    $435 - Price includes PP G&S and Shipping via USPS. Payment within 2 hrs expected.

    1st I'll take it followed by PM gets it.

    ONLY trades I'm interested in would be for MKT Slim Midi, CRK Impinda, CRK Mnandi or full custom slip joint/Lock back (+/- cash)




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