Met up with Cosaint in Raleigh today; here's my impressions

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    Met up with Greg, from Cosaint Arms today in Raleigh. Previously, I had contacted the company that if they ever came to the triangle area, I would love to see their product, hold it in my hand, and hear more about it. I've always loved 1911s, and I finally purchased my first 2 years ago, a Dan Wesson ECO, which I EDC to this day. That said, I love products made in NC, and like to support "local" (albeit the west side of the state) companies. After sending an email letting them know I was interested, they sent me an email back letting me know they'd be in town and if I could meet up. A few emails and a couple of texts later, I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer.

    I pulled into the parking lot of Chris Tilley's (yeah, the guy from Top Shot) gun shop, who now under state restrictions has shut down his range and is doing literal "curb side" service. I greeted Greg and Kim and explained to them my affections for Dan Wesson, but that the frame on my Dan Wesson ECO was just a tad bit small and was hoping they had a product much like the ECP that I could check out. Greg first handed me a few frame models of their 1911 lower, which they basically print on a very high end 3D printer. The fit is within 3/1000" and the finish was comparable to any plastic gun on the market. With this I wasn't very impressed, but I was impressed with an interesting safety/cocking feature they had. Simply put, upon racking the slide, the user would push the hammer manually forward, engage the safety and thus you're carry in a half-cocked position. The beauty of this feature is that simply depressing the safety also returned the hammer to a full cocked position and ready to fire. I had first thought the gun was defective; as a novice 1911 person, I was trying to engage the safety at full cock, but this was then explained and demonstrated by Greg. I really think this is a great carry feature. They also do custom front and back strapping from mild to aggressive formats. I figure this is easy to do on a plastic lower, but they were suggestive that they want to speak with each customer to make it feel more like a truly custom 1911.

    Greg and Kim spent about 30 minutes with me, and despite my need to return home to my wife, kids, and work they even offered to let me shoot their guns if Chris would open the range. I decided this wasn't worth it, and that their simple willingness to meet a complete stranger and potential customer, go over their products, and share in a love of 1911s with me was service enough.

    Safe to say I am highly impressed with Cosaints business acumen, their product in general, I look forward to owning one as soon as I've got the money and this "pandemic" doesn't have everything shutdown.

    Disclaimer: Just a normal guy with no affiliation with Cosaint, nor was I compensated for this "review," if you can call it that.

    Edit: Found their instagram:
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    Interesting to hear they have their own 3D printer, and don't use a mold and outsource the grip production. Makes me a more interested to see what they come up with.

    There was a company in the past (I forget the name) that may still be in business. They sold a parts kit that essentially did the same thing you mention with the safety and hammer. The hammer of the 1911 could be carried in the "safe" position with thumb safety engaged. The act of depressing the thumb safety would also cock the hammer. I think they made a kit for the High power as well.

    I'm sure someone else remembers the name of the product.

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    Sounds like the Safety Fast System from Cylinder & Slide, been around for years.
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    yea, that's the product. Didn't know Cylinder & Slide made it though, that's interesting.
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    Cool review, sound like nice folks. Nothing wrong with carrying in condition 1 IMO though. Solution to a nonexistent problem. Cocked and locked for me.
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