MGL OWB Holster - Light Bearing

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    Mean Gene Leather
    MGL Holster Burrito® (OWB) (Leather Color: Crazy Horse, Right Hand: Thread Color: Black, Belt Width: 1.5

    Fits most guns with a TLR-1 or Surefire X300.

    Pictured here with a P226 and a G21SF. I’ve also had success with a 4.25” 1911, a Smith and Wesson M&P9, and of course the Glock 19.

    $88 shipped, USPS Priority, PayPal F&F preferred.

    130CA15A-97CF-4ECB-A727-91C24DE6E4C7.jpeg 9093D3B7-2281-4BBF-A65B-0670C71378CF.jpeg 300FFE6F-75A4-41DD-B1E6-2B1EB07A975D.jpeg 6C34D008-983F-49BB-806F-61B92CDBB047.jpeg BDA42095-B391-482B-A232-09880E32458D.jpeg 8C8C8D02-6963-41A5-9580-D7BDA4582927.jpeg E22F277B-04EC-4D8B-AC58-32910E3BBE1E.jpeg
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