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I do not shop @ GI often however when I do, things are changing so fast.
Just yesterday it seems I was buying Surplus Military Gun parts for pennies. The
M1 Gas cyl you see below is for sale at GI & is $192.00 :confused: Hell I paid
$100.00 for 5 Gas cylinders in the wrap I am shocked at how
fast Military parts have gone sky high & disapered.

When I use a Military Surplus parts in the 1911, M1 or the M1A I know they meet
some very strict requirements for Quality by Mfr. Today we have many choices
for spares, but we must be careful about who makes it. Some are dangerious.

I see M1s here for thousands of $ I paid $86.00 for my DCM Garand :rolleyes: I wonder.
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