SOLD Milt Sparks Heritage #1 IWB Holster for Gov’t 1911

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    * SOLD SOLD SOLD * For sale is one Milt Sparks Heritage #1 IWB holster sized for a Government Model 1911, right-hand. Let Google-Fu be your guide regarding the history on this holster. Obviously quite similar to Sparks’ Summer Special 2, the Heritage was crafted of smooth, thin leather inside and out and features an internal barrier on the body side to combat a “sweat-through.”

    This example appears to be unused, though no original packaging is included / available.

    I very recently purchased this via eBay, though it was also listed on the “other” forum, as well.

    Note that the loops on this one are sized at 1.25 inches (and are so marked when one unsnaps the loops). Note that there is a bit of discoloration on one piece of the hardware, shown in a separate picture.

    I will include a 1.5 inch loop (in Cordovan color, marked for an SS2 that, when held up to the mounted loops, appears to fit - Cordovan is what I had on-hand) new in wrapper with this holster if the buyer wants it. If this holster were to not sell, I’m going to install the 1.5 inch loops and put it into service. I wanted to offer it first to the gunleather connoisseurs among us before taking such a step.

    Asking $175 shipped to USA addresses via USPS. Payment via discrete PayPal Friends and Family (no description in payment and no fees to me) preferred. Will also accept USPS money order. Also personal check from established members. USPS tracking number to be provided.

    Thank you for looking!




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    Many thanks - sold to @stitzel !
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