MOD1 Custom G29 Gen4 10mm Carry Package

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    Apr 7, 2019
    7FAAA23D-B630-464B-B736-18FEB4704881.jpeg 888F15D3-AB5A-449B-AA45-E33A8F37B98F.jpeg C3A577EC-53E8-4EAE-9C2C-C0AD90C1E753.jpeg 27178359-0827-4455-9C64-711E52BDD2DF.jpeg 7DF02D9A-810D-4E9D-B0AB-2CAED6C26510.jpeg 7355B9DB-C511-454E-8564-7BA89A4B4D55.jpeg BD5E798E-47DC-4677-952C-C47895D6EADC.jpeg MOD1 Custom G29 Gen4 pistol with many extras. Perfect 10mm concealed carry package. Ordered new and had the following done by MOD1 Customs:

    -Slide lightening cuts on sides and top of slide
    -Camo cerakote slide
    -Grip reduction with full stippling
    -Double undercut and stippled trigger guard
    -Trijicon HD night sights
    -Minus trigger connector installed
    -Vickers Tactical extended mag release and slide release lever
    -Full relief cast American Flag Slide Cover Plate

    Available with three 10 rd. Mags for $950 shipped or with PJHolster IWB & 5 additional mags (8 mags total, 10 & 15 rounders) as pictured for $1125 shipped to your FFL.

    Hi cap mags shipped to legal states only.

    Discreet Paypal F&F payment preferred or you pay fees.
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