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It got to a decent temp outside today, so I took the opportunity to spend a bit of time out in the shop hacking on my poor 2011. Again. :)

I decided to do a bit more deburring/rounding of edges on the front of the comp and frame to reduce the wear and tear on it's holster.

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After putting 350 rounds through it I decided I didn't like that memory bump on the GS and the sharp edge on the MSP, and that I needed to shorten and round the thumb safety levers a bit more. So...
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Now it fits my hands much better. I get nice support in the palm of my hand, with no sharp edges, and a good high grip. I don't think I want any higher of a grip on this one though.

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It may be time to get this coated/plated/blued and start another one. :)
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