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I decided to transition to MRDS because my eyes are not as good as they used to be. It also seemed to make sense to have the same advantage of moving my rifles to various optics: I placed the red dot on two of my favorite guns and started training. I kept my home defense handgun on iron sights; rifle clearly had optics. Life was good.

I then played with different types of red dots to see which work best for me. It took work to always find the dot, something that initially drove me bananas. That and learning from Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics got me to a point where I am faster and more accurate with my red dots. All in all it was a good experience and now it’s rare for me not to carry MRDS.

As an aside, for me, the Holosun 508T with the EoTech like reticle works best, I assume because it’s similar to what I have been using for years on CQB rifles.

I hope this helps and that the journey makes you stronger and safer.
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