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My first build - it didn't blow up!

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Last year I decided I needed an indoor hobby that wasn't video games so I settled on taking Hilton Yam's 1911 duty tune DVD and applying all the steps from start to finish to a Springfield Mil-Spec. I did almost everything with 320 grit sandpaper and a #2 swiss file so it was a nice way to spend a lot of time at home. It isn't really meant to be some super high level stuff and at the end of the day it's a very basic build but today I took it to the range where it ran great and I'm really proud of myself! I learned a lot of lessons and there are many things I'm eager to improve upon when doing my second one. I wanted to achieve a retro look but with modern lines and I hope you all like it! Big thanks to @Integrity Arms who set up the barrel for me and was also gracious and generous with his time in helping me troubleshoot. It's a nice reminder that we have some truly wonderful folks on this forum.

It still needs to be refinished but I was able to put 100 rounds through it today - 75 rds of Sig FMJ and 25 rds of my carry ammo Remington Golden Saber 230gr. I fired 7 rds of the FMJ in the extractor test and all 25 rds of Golden Saber were fed out of the magazine as the top round (lots of shooting once, dropping the mag, topping it off, shooting once again, etc). Everything went off without a hitch. The last time I took it to the range, it had a lot of trouble with Blazer Brass but thankfully that was an easily solvable ammo issue. I'm looking forward to shooting it some more but I know for sure this is the start of a very very addicting and expensive hobby!

Parts list:
  • 10-8 pin set
  • 10-8 NM rear sight
  • 10-8 Gen 2 slide stop
  • 10-8 GI grip screws
  • EGW oversized firing pin stop
  • EGW angle bore bushing
  • EGW #3 link
  • EGW mag catch lock
  • Wilson barstock ejector
  • Wilson BP wide lever thumb safety
  • Wilson BP extractor
  • Wilson BP retro commander hammer
  • Wilson BP hammer strut
  • Wilson BP plunger tube
  • Wilson BP concealment mag catch
  • Wilson Deluxe A2 sear
  • Wilson ultralight medium trigger
  • Guncrafter mainspring housing, 20lpi w/ lanyard loop
  • Colt sear spring
  • Colt rat tail grip safety
  • Novak white dot front sight
  • Challis grip bushings
  • VZ Diamondback grips
Bonus progress pictures:

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Very nice! (y)
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@seagiant I've got a great solution to that in that I just don't have the money to afford either of those hahaha
I didn't either, when I first got started. Then a little Sherline mill and lathe followed me home one day. Built my first open class USPSA 38 Super on those 'toys', after a machinist and a gunsmith said it was impossible. The mill was too small to machine the ramped barrel cut in the frame, so I did that with a Dremel, carbide burs, and files. Yea, I was told that was impossible too... ;)

Have fun with your new hobby, and welcome to the club!
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