My Latest Holster Thanks to Fellow Addict 12VMan

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    Sep 4, 2015
    Several months back, I actually happened to log in to the forum at one of those ideal times when a fellow addict was giving away something I could actually use. 12VMan had this Andrews Leather MacDaniel II for a Glock that was missing the belt loop and I became the lucky recipient of his kind gesture. I was working out on the west coast when it arrived so I had the wifey send me some pics. I emailed Andrews to see about buying a 1.5" loop and a Chicago screw and much to my surprise, they said they would send me one for free if I just told them what color. Well, when it's free I'm not too picky so I described the holster and told them I could work with whatever color they decide to send. Several weeks later, I returned home played with my holster and really liked how it fit a Gen 2 19 that I had stippled and put Wilson sights on. I always carry single stacks, hardly ever carry Glocks but with this MacDaniel II I was thinking I might give it a try. But no belt loop yet. I emailed Sam Andrews, who promptly replied explaining that he had sent it, but he would send out another at no charge. Now, I don't live in a bad neighborhood and I've never had trouble with mail or packages but another several weeks went by and I still hadn't received my loop. I would re-email Sam and he would promptly reply and tell me another was on its way. We repeated this cycle every 2-3 weeks for what I believe was 4 times. Last week I actually sold that Gen 2 19 to a buddy but I held on to my loopless holster. Today in the mailbox, finally with a tracking#, Sam Andrews got me not one, but two belt loops. A 1.5" and a 1.75" with snaps and Chicago screws. So not only am I grateful for 12VMan's kind gesture, but I had to send an email to Sam Andrews thanking him for his patience, persistence, and faith in this poor ******* in the midwest who keeps saying he's not getting his mail! Now I'm going to have to have one of these holsters for a 1911 because it is pretty sweet. I no longer have the Glock that I wanted to carry in it, but I can easily get another. In the meantime, I'm putting this holster to good use with the gun that I shoot most these days! AndrewsBeltLoops04222019.jpeg AndrewsMacDanielII04222019.jpeg
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